Ministry Updates

June 2017 Update - Answered Prayers!


One of our most common requests for prayer involves the salvation of our English students. We are so thankful to be able to share with you that Gan, one of our English students, was saved on May 21, 2017. She is a sweet, young lady, and has been asking questions and wanting more information for several months now. It was so thrilling to see how our little group of believers rejoiced over her getting saved! Please pray as we start...
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May 2017 Update


Dear Co-laborers in Christ and Praying Friends,

April was a nice month for family! Due to the multiple holidays in April, we only taught English on Friday nights and Sunday mornings. This was a pleasant break for us, but we did miss being out there and seeing our students. May starts us back with our old English schedule.

Another change we made in April, was to offer a discipleship class after lunch on Sundays. This has been a positive change...
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March 2017 Update


Dear Co-laborers in Christ and Praying Friends,

Ministry News
February was a fun month at Hua Mak Baptist Church. We had several new visitors to both English and the church. The “hot topic” for the month was, of course, love, and we had fun hearing about the different ways various cultures celebrate and show love.

One of our goals at Hua Mak Baptist Church is to lay the foundation for ministries Thai Christians can use to reach the...
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February 2017 Update


Dear Praying Friends

This past month, I was listening to one of our faithful young ladies tell her story of putting her faith in Christ. I asked her how her family took it, and she told me “I didn’t tell them for two years!” After that, she had a rough relationship with them for some time. One area I have a hard time relating to with my Thai brethren, is the rejection they face when they become Christians. Americans who...
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